Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency Service Pledge

  1. To act as YOUR RISK MANAGER, making sure you are properly insured and well protected from lawsuits
  2. To LOOK OUT FOR YOUR INTERESTS and not those of an affiliated insurance company
  3. To REVIEW YOUR POLICIES on a yearly basis to make sure all your policies comply with updated legislation and/or changes to lender guidelines (state law, federal law, FHA, Freddie and Fannie etc.)
  4. To RE-MARKET YOUR ACCOUNT each year (Taking advantage of market changes & available discounts)
  5. To DELIVER RENEWALS in a timely fashion allowing you time to make decisions & budget your $$
  6. To DELIVER MULTIPLE PROPOSALS whenever possible so that you have choices and are able to choose the insurance that best suits your needs
  7. To provide EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND PROPOSALS with your insurance coverage clearly outlined
  8. To provide FREE GUIDANCE & ADVICE any time you have an insurance question
  9. To HAVE LIVE PEOPLE ANSWER THE PHONE ( No automated phone maze to get your answers )
  10. To DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU – even if it means sending you to another agent