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In 1999 I launched the Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency from scratch and quickly built up a loyal following among condominium associations. Rapid growth of our humble company was made possible because as an independent agency we provided our clients with first rate earthquake insurance alternatives that were preferable over the overpriced [...]

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About Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency

Greetings from the Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency! My name is Elliot Katzovitz and I want to thank you for clicking onto: elliotkinsurance.com. I realize you have many choices for insurance and I’m thrilled that you have shown an interest in our agency.

The number one thing you should know about us is [...]

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Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency, Inc.

We Let Our Clients Speak For Us!

“My favorite agent. Entire staff very helpful. Pleasure to work with.\"
“Elliot and his team helped us find affordable insurance for our HOA. Elliot responded immediately and concisely to all questions.”
“Every time I call for information or help they give me excellent service and prompt attention.”
“Elliot saved us money and really knows his stuff.”
“Elliot is an expert at what he does. He consistently delivers when others can’t.”
\"The Elliot Katzovitz Insurance Agency’s excellent customer service and attention to detail is what sets them apart from other insurance companies.”